2014, the end of the year.

I haven’t written on here this year, as I have been very busy checking DNA matches and researching the Ancestors.

Plus gathering source documentation to add to my tree. Google Books has some great choices in free ebooks!

I have been a downloading fool and have a ton of publications to go through.

In the course of researching, I have found, that a LOT of the published genealogies and histories from the last century are fret with major errors! I have seen where it has been mentioned that quite a few are due for some major editing and overhauling.

I hope to start putting my findings here, since I am paying for my own dot com space, and I pray that WordPress doesn’t end up going the way that the MyFamily sites did. Another reason I haven’t had time to add anything here, is I had to save content that was going to be lost from Ancestry closing down the MF sites. So, if this stays at a reasonable price, along with the Spokt site that our MF content was transferred to, I hope to have my Genealogy kept up to date.

So, here’s to a New Year, and a new life for some old works.