Naylor’s of Ocean County, New Jersey, USA

My father, Elmer Burket Naylor Jr. was born in Lakewood, Ocean, New Jersey, USA. Formerly in Monmouth County, NJ.


He was the son of Elmer B. Naylor Sr. and Elizabeth “Lizzie” Belle Lawlor/Lauler. Lizzie was born as a 1st generation Irish Immigrant family. Elmer was from German/English/Dutch settler’s to the New Netherlands, New Holland Immigrants to New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.


Elmer Jr. was communally known as “Junie” , which I had never known, until I had a conversation with an old childhood friend that my sister, Marjorie E. Naylor-Rekowski and I had met in 199o, when we went searching for my father, Elmer “Junie” Naylor’s 1st home in Lakewood.

This “man” who grew up with my father, took us down to the river where they used to swim as children, the girls had their spot and the boys had theirs and they would “skinny-dip” in the cool waters in a hot July day.


I took photo’s of where the Elmer Naylor’s lived at that time, via the censuses. Here are a few photos from then and now.


The Houses behind the family group photo are still standing. The family home is not, only the “Barn” which is now a house stands on Laurel Ave. now.

This is the “Boy’s swimming hole that “Junie & Johnny” used to swim at.



My father’s parents died when he was very young. He and “Uncle Johnny” went to live with their sister, Mary Naylor-Norcross, but when she became pregnant with Arthur Norcross, they had to move out, and Elmer obtained a job at a bakery in Lakewood, and he and Uncle Johnny slept in the back on the flour sacks and awakened early to start the ovens and make the bread for the day.


According to stories of Elmer & Johnny, they buried a car in their 1st place together, which is now under a tree in the front yard of the house that they lived at on “_____” Rd.


Dad always “Knew” that he had a “Rockefeller” Grandmother, it wasn’t until 1992 that I found out that he had “2”. Delilaha Rockefeller Leigh and Margaret Rockefeller Fauss.


2 thoughts on “Naylor’s of Ocean County, New Jersey, USA

  1. Cathee,

    I saw one of your comments in an ftDNA project in which we are both members. I compared the GEDmatch kit number you provided in your comment, and lo an behold, not only are we a “match,” but we also share a common surname, Wheelock. We are also a FF match.

    I couldn’t find another way to contact you, but I hope this makes its way to you and finds you well.

    Best regards,



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