Samhain 2015

October 31 represents the final harvest time, and it is the Celtic New Year, also known as the Ancestor Night when the veil between the world of the living and the world of those who have passed on into the next world has thinned and we honor those who have gone on before us.

Early Christians started the tradition of Halloween and coincided it to the dates of Samhain to avoid the growth of paganism during those times. Halloween is a celebration of All Saints Day for Catholics and Christians.

A lot of people think that Samhain is pronounced as sam-hāne. Experts of the early Gaelic language including the Trinity College Dublin have corrected it citing that the correct pronunciation is sow-in, sahv-in, or shahvin. [Read more at World Religion News: “These 5 Things About Samhain Are Actually Myths”

So, here it is, dusk on Samhain, as the Evening and the Morning were the First Day, and it is Vespers, I am spending this time, honoring my fore-bearers.

My Parents.

Edith Hughes Naylor and Elmer Burkett Naylor2

Edith M. C. Hughes and Rev. Elmer B. Naylor, Jr.

My Grandparents. Paternal.

Lizzie & Elmer ca. 1902
Lizzie & Elmer ca. 1902

Elizabeth “Lizzie Belle” Lawler & Elmer B. Naylor, Sr.

My Grandparents. Maternal.

Ralph and Hazel Hughes

Hazel A. Yeaton & Ralph W. Hughes.

From these six people’s mixed DNA have come many young people, who will have families growing in to the Next Century.

I Love and Miss all of You!