2018 another “New Year”

I haven’t been here in awhile, lol. The last time I posted, I was living in Mandeville just blocks from Lake Ponchartrain, in a rented 3 bedroom house. Since then my son, JD, and I have bought property in Lacombe, 6 miles east of the old place. It has taken me a while to get unpacked and organised here, with 3 buildings and 2 storage trailers. One is a Conex box and the other is an old tracktor trailer box. Having had a 2 car garage at the last 2 rentals and now “Boxcars” getting out to the field where the big one is parked is a hike for me now.

I went on a short vacation to Florida back in August and didn’t get back home until December. While I was gone I had a mishap with my T-Drive and seem to have lost most of my photo’s and documents. I am waiting for my son to return from offshore so he can hopefully retrive my files. The great part of the trip is that I got to visit with my 4 grandchildren! I spent quality time with my family there and rode out a Cat 3 hurricane! What fun! Six adults, 7 cats and 1 dog in a 2 bedroom condo! We had a lot of fun and only lost power for eight hours.

I did get to do some DNA comparisons, as I had my sister take the Ancestry test, as I took it after I found a half-brother’s daughter on Gedmatch! So he and I both did the Ancsestry test. I am now swimming in all of the Big gene ponds. I have been working out End Location Numbers on a new site, trying to figure out what ancestors the DNA comes in from. As we all get a mishmosh of genes sifted together. Having 2 brothers and now 2 sisters DNA plus my son & nephew’s, I have enough to work with to keep me busy. Plus working on my tree adding in new DNA cousins that also have paper trails to work with doesn’t give me much time for anything else.

I hope everyone had a grand holiday season and not getting all of the flu viruses I hear that are doing the rounds.

Have a Happy Valentine’s Day and hopefully Spring will be here shortly.


Naylor’s of Ocean County, New Jersey, USA

My father, Elmer Burket Naylor Jr. was born in Lakewood, Ocean, New Jersey, USA. Formerly in Monmouth County, NJ.


He was the son of Elmer B. Naylor Sr. and Elizabeth “Lizzie” Belle Lawlor/Lauler. Lizzie was born as a 1st generation Irish Immigrant family. Elmer was from German/English/Dutch settler’s to the New Netherlands, New Holland Immigrants to New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.


Elmer Jr. was communally known as “Junie” , which I had never known, until I had a conversation with an old childhood friend that my sister, Marjorie E. Naylor-Rekowski and I had met in 199o, when we went searching for my father, Elmer “Junie” Naylor’s 1st home in Lakewood.

This “man” who grew up with my father, took us down to the river where they used to swim as children, the girls had their spot and the boys had theirs and they would “skinny-dip” in the cool waters in a hot July day.


I took photo’s of where the Elmer Naylor’s lived at that time, via the censuses. Here are a few photos from then and now.


The Houses behind the family group photo are still standing. The family home is not, only the “Barn” which is now a house stands on Laurel Ave. now.

This is the “Boy’s swimming hole that “Junie & Johnny” used to swim at.



My father’s parents died when he was very young. He and “Uncle Johnny” went to live with their sister, Mary Naylor-Norcross, but when she became pregnant with Arthur Norcross, they had to move out, and Elmer obtained a job at a bakery in Lakewood, and he and Uncle Johnny slept in the back on the flour sacks and awakened early to start the ovens and make the bread for the day.


According to stories of Elmer & Johnny, they buried a car in their 1st place together, which is now under a tree in the front yard of the house that they lived at on “_____” Rd.


Dad always “Knew” that he had a “Rockefeller” Grandmother, it wasn’t until 1992 that I found out that he had “2”. Delilaha Rockefeller Leigh and Margaret Rockefeller Fauss.

2014, the end of the year.

I haven’t written on here this year, as I have been very busy checking DNA matches and researching the Ancestors.

Plus gathering source documentation to add to my tree. Google Books has some great choices in free ebooks!

I have been a downloading fool and have a ton of publications to go through.

In the course of researching, I have found, that a LOT of the published genealogies and histories from the last century are fret with major errors! I have seen where it has been mentioned that quite a few are due for some major editing and overhauling.

I hope to start putting my findings here, since I am paying for my own dot com space, and I pray that WordPress doesn’t end up going the way that the MyFamily sites did. Another reason I haven’t had time to add anything here, is I had to save content that was going to be lost from Ancestry closing down the MF sites. So, if this stays at a reasonable price, along with the Spokt site that our MF content was transferred to, I hope to have my Genealogy kept up to date.

So, here’s to a New Year, and a new life for some old works.